Why Manhattan

The Manhattan Lease

Private lending is about variety. It’s about providing you with more flexible options than any of the ‘standard’ alternatives – and getting you where you want to go – while still taking the scenic route.

The Manhattan lease has flexible terms tailored to your needs and situation. We can be used to acquire any new or previously owned car valued over $100,000 from a dealer, a private party, or auction.

It’s why our slogan is, Yeah. We do that. Creativity is in our DNA.

Leasing Opens Up Doors

Maximum Flexibility

As the leader in luxury, collector, and exotic car leasing, we aim to offer our customers maximum flexibility. Our customers enjoy the ability to conserve their working capital, lower their monthly payments, and maximize their tax advantages. Our team is poised to provide customers with the expertise that over 35 years of leadership can offer.

Manhattan Funding customers also enjoy the perks of early lease termination, as well as the ability to change cars mid-lease with our “Substitution of Collateral” agreement.

We Make It Easy

At Manhattan Funding, luxury, antique, and exotic car leasing has never been easier. We everything we can to get you on the road as soon as you sign your paperwork. Find a good car at a dealership? We’ll draw up the funding paperwork as soon as possible.

We can help you locate your dream car if you haven’t found it yet. And if you are headed to a classic or collector car auction, be sure to call us first. We can prequalify you with no obligation – so when you raise your auction paddle, you can be sure your funding is in place.

Choose A Term That Fits Your Lifestyle

When your lease begins, your car’s predetermined lease-end value is determined. Custom residuals can be tailored to as low as one dollar.  From there, all you have to do is choose the payment term that works for you – from 24 to 60 months.

When your lease expires, you have several options to choose from:

Tax Benefits

There are two types of tax benefits associated with leasing – Sales Tax and Business Related Deductions.  That’s why financing with us is The Smartest Way to Fund the Vehicles You Really Want. Your CPA is going to like us! 

State sales tax on any vehicle that’s purchased outright or financed through a traditional loan is due immediately, right upfront. For an expensive vehicle, this can represent a substantial tax payment. However, with a lease, in most states, sales tax can be incorporated into the monthly payment schedule. This provides the car owner with the use of that money over the term of the lease.

Many of our clients use their cars for business purposes and lease their cars in a business name; which need not be a legal corporate entity. Leasing in a business name allows you to use pre-tax dollars to make monthly payments.

Putting You In the Driver's Seat

Whether this is your first exotic or your 100th, learn how shifting assets with private lending can put you in the driver’s seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are typically two types of leases: an open-end lease and a closed-end lease. An open-end lease has more flexible terms and the lessee takes on the depreciation risk of the asset. In a closed-end lease, the lessor takes on the depreciation risk, but the terms are more stringent.
Manhattan Funding only offers open-end leases. Read more about the benefits here: https://manhattanfunding.com/staying-in-the-fast-lane/

At this time, we are unable to fund vehicles registered/titled in Alaska, Connecticut, Louisiana, and Virginia. 

Montana requires proof of residency (address) and Montana driver's license.

Terms available from 36 to 60 months. Minimum down payment is 7% of selling price. Residuals as low as $1.  Conditions apply. 

We work with you to get credit approval within one business day, with the following documents:


  1. Completed Application
  2. POI (Tax Returns)
  3. POA (Bank Statements)


In most cases we’ll need to see proof of income and proof of assets. However, every customer is unique and we know this is not always necessary and/or possible. We’ll work with you.


Our online application can be found here

We understand life situations arise, so we'll work with any applicant(s) with over a 550 score. Additional documents and time may be required. See above.

Once approved, in most cases we can have lease documents in your hands the same day.  Weekends and bank holidays excluded.

We use DocuSign, the most widely used and trusted electronic signature platform to the world’s largest companies. 


Once we have a correct completed set of properly executed documents, funds are wired within 48 hours.

Weekends and bank holidays excluded. 

At any time during the lease, using the existing documentation, a Lessee may pay the difference in value between the first and second vehicle, substituting vehicles for one of equal or greater value. Have more questions? Give us a call. 

You may terminate the lease at any time. Terms and conditions of contract will apply. Have more questions? give us a call.