Manhattan Funding coordinates with our luxury car dealers to get the job done. With over 65 years of experience in the business, we provide financing in a professional, competitive, and expeditious manner for any new or pre-owned vehicle.

We streamline the process from application to funding. We offer flexible lease options and timely replies. Our policies and practices are designed for optimal use of resources, client satisfaction, and long-term customer relationships.

Our philosophy is if you are happy, we are happy.

We Make Deals Happen

Luxury Car Dealers Choose Manhattan Funding

Manhattan Funding has over 65 years of experience in the vehicle leasing business. We know this business. Those years in business translate to an understanding of how to get the job done. We have insight and long term relationships that others can’t match. That makes for more tools and connections at our disposal to create more options for you. Customer service and satisfaction, efficiency, flexibility, and fairness are our priorities. We know these attributes foster good relationships and promote repeat business. Our longevity is proof of the concept. Others have imitated Manhattan Leasing and many of them got their start with us but we are the originators.

Creative Lease Solutions

Manhattan Funding can structure a lease to the customer’s needs, and those needs go beyond simply obtaining a car.

By tailoring terms to resolve potential credit issues, we help customers attain the car of their dreams while establishing credit within our banking network. 

Part of our leasing process is understanding where the customer comes from. Bad things happen to good people, and sometimes good peoples’ credit is impacted by things outside of our control. One example of a custom tailored lease?  Lowering the residual to one dollar while doing an equity deal for someone with a credit score as low as 550. 

We will never turn down a deal that makes sense, regardless of credit score


We work with you and your customer to get the credit approval within one business day

On all approvals, luxury car dealers work directly with a decision-maker.  We pride ourselves on taking out the middle-men and operating on both East and West coast time. 

Lease Documents

In many cases, we can have lease documents in your hands the same day or sent directly to the customer.


Once we have a correct completed set of properly executed documents, funds are wired within 48 hours. 

Substitution of Collateral

At any time during the lease, using the existing documentation, a Lessee may pay the difference in value between the first and second vehicle, substituting vehicles for one of equal or greater value.

Lease Assumption

Should your client decide you’re ready for another vehicle all of our leases can be assumed. 

Eligible Vehicles

Classic, exotic, and high-line vehicles are our specialty, yet we will fund anything with a U.S. title. 

Early Termination

A Lessee may terminate the lease at any time. Terms and conditions of contract will apply. 

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