Manhattan Leasing Relaunches as Manhattan Funding

Manhattan leasing is now Manhattan funding


Manhattan Leasing Officially Relaunches as Manhattan Funding

Positioned to Lead in Digital Offerings for Luxury Car Leasing


Manhattan Leasing, one of the nation’s longest-standing luxury lenders for luxury and exotic vehicles, has announced its official relaunch as Manhattan Funding. With the addition of senior partners Jon Boardman and Michael Levine, Manhattan Funding will deliver the same high touch level of service the forty-three-year legacy is known for, while expanding its digital capabilities to serve clients nationwide. 

“Manhattan Leasing revolutionized the industry with a superior level of service,” says Eric Steinberg, managing partner at Manhattan Funding, “as we modernize and add to our digital footprint, we’re incredibly fortunate to have Jon and Michael join the team – their talents are going to be invaluable in the process.” 

Each new partner comes to Manhattan Funding with over twenty years of experience in their respective fields. Boardman brings with him a background in financial relations and retail management within the automotive industry. His expertise in navigating complex budgetary portfolios will add to meeting client needs in a rapidly evolving market. Levine’s professional background in automotive client and brokerage services will expand Manhattan Funding’s already expansive list of services. The onboarding of Boardman and Levine reinforces Manhattan Funding’s position in the industry of setting the benchmark for service in an ever-changing market.

Founding partners Stephen Katz, Mel Steinberg, and Jay Bernstein met while working in the truck and automobile leasing industry in the 1970’s. As private loan services started to take off, the three men knew they could offer a level of service that didn’t yet exist. Elevating the loan process, it was the first-time buyers could enjoy a high touch service experience from industry natives who could also navigate intricacies with ease. They quickly built a reputation for delivering more than just cars – a premium, fast-moving loan process. As their notoriety spread, a following developed. By 1980, Katz, Steinberg, and Bernstein were able to branch out on their own, establishing Manhattan Leasing. “For forty-three years, we’ve been building a culture out of Manhattan Leasing, providing a level of service our clients hadn’t seen before,” says Stephen Katz, founding partner of Manhattan Leasing, “there’s a lot of pride in handing down the baton and we believe Eric, Jon, and Michael have the combined talents to modernize the company while representing the standards it was built on.” 

With 2021 bringing so few guarantees, Manhattan Funding focuses on offering a withstanding online experience that rivals in-person service regardless of market disruptions. Working directly with decision-makers, clients can rest assured that their financial needs will be handled with discretion. Within a single phone call to a managing partner, everything can be arranged from credit application to on-site delivery. Manhattan Funding is a full recourse lender, making individual capital the only limit to a client’s terms. Allowing for lower interest rates and easier access to open-ended leases, the state of the economy will have less impact on getting buyers in the car they want. Clients can choose their own terms and free up their own capital, changing terms or cars as often as they like.

From Manhattan Leasing to Manhattan Funding, the team has once again transformed private lending. Their history proves that if you are loyal to the needs of your clients, they will stay loyal to you, by bringing that perspective to every interaction. Manhattan Funding believes in inspiring loyalty by earning it. Taking a satisfaction-based approach, flexibility and fairness are the hallmarks of their business. Whether growing a collection or making a first-time purchase, Manhattan Funding is the upgraded experience buyers deserve.

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Founded in 1975, Manhattan Leasing is now Manhattan Funding. Offering exotic, vintage, and luxury car leasing as well as full-service acquisition. Our seasoned team of partners brings decades of experience in every facet of the automotive industry, from sales, financing to factory relationships.