Racetrack to Living Room: Porsche’s Iconic Colors Get a Home Makeover


Porsche partners with premium paint brand, Backdrop, to transform your home with iconic colors from its classic car collection, creating a unique fusion of racetrack excitement and home aesthetics.

  • Porsche Cars North America partners with premium paint brand, Backdrop, to launch an exclusive collection of Porsche-inspired home paint colors, offering homeowners a vibrant way to bring the thrill of the track to their living spaces.
  • The audacious color palette, which includes Irish Green, Speed Yellow, Ruby Star, and Riviera Blue, encapsulates the flamboyance of Porsche’s automotive heritage and aims to inspire unique home interiors.
  • Exclusively available on Backdrop’s website, this collection, priced at $75 per gallon, is an expression of Porsche’s commitment to individualization, as well as a fitting celebration of the brand’s 75th anniversary.

A Splash of Porsche – Reimagining Your Living Spaces

Porsche and color, two names that epitomize individuality, are marrying the worlds of automotive design and home aesthetics. Porsche Cars North America, Inc. (PCNA) and the premium paint brand, Backdrop, have launched a collaborative effort to curate a vivacious assortment of paint hues. This joint venture, coinciding with Porsche’s 75th anniversary, will allow customers to embrace Porsche’s iconic colors in their home interiors, unifying the exhilaration of the racetrack with the comfort of home.

Vibrant History In a Can

In this collaboration, Porsche and Backdrop have handpicked four iconic colors from Porsche’s illustrious paint palette, each offering a unique backstory and an expression of the brand’s rich lineage of high-performance sports cars.

Irish Green: The journey of this classic shade of green began with the Porsche 356C in 1964 and continued onto the first-generation 911. This timeless color symbolizes the history and evolution of the brand.

Speed Yellow: A bold and unapologetically vibrant hue, Speed Yellow is an immediate attention-grabber, encapsulating Porsche’s spirited persona since its first appearance on the 911 in 1991.

Ruby Star: Dating back to 1991, this deeply mesmerizing shade of magenta brings forth the joy and excitement associated with Porsche’s 911, 928, and 944 models.

Riviera Blue: Developed in 1994, this electrifyingly bright shade of blue makes a bold statement, reflecting Porsche’s audacious design ethos seen in the 911, 928, and 968 models.

Dream in Full Color with Porsche and Backdrop

The co-branded collection is available exclusively through Backdrop’s website and includes a limited-edition Porsche 75 leather key chain. PCNA’s VP of Marketing, Ayesha Coker, believes that Porsche’s dedication to individualization is represented in this unique collaboration. She hopes that the four specially curated colors will inspire customers to dream in full color, bringing the timeless Porsche aesthetic into their homes.

As part of Porsche’s expansive Paint to Sample program, customers can select from a wide range of paint options, including several metallic and non-metallic colors, and even have the option to choose a bespoke color.

“Color is our passion at Backdrop,” stated Natalie Ebel, Co-Founder of Backdrop. “We’re thrilled to work with Porsche to bring a new palette of colors into homes, inspired by their iconic sports car heritage.”

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